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More than a thousand years ago they were already convinced: mushrooms have a wonderful effect on body and mind. Backed by science, it turns out that our ancestors were definitely in the right direction. There are medicinal mushrooms that contain ingredients that can support and improve health. McMyco believes that when nature gives you an opportunity like this, you should grab it. With our supplements, which contain organic full-spectrum extract, everyone can now experience the positive effects of medicinal mushrooms for themselves. The active ingredients differ per species. Every mushroom has a unique gift with specific properties. Discover which type suits you best. A combination is also an option with the McMyco supplements!

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Frequently asked questions
Medicinal (or medicinal/functional) mushrooms are mushrooms that contain ingredients that can support or improve health. The mushrooms have been used in traditional Asian medicine for hundreds of years. Scientific studies are now increasingly able to substantiate the positive effect of active ingredients.
There are dozens if not hundreds of species of medicinal mushrooms. McMyco offers some of the most potent varieties in the form of mushroom supplements. These include Turkey Tail, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and Cordyceps Militaris.
No, you are not going to trip from McMyco’s medicinal mushroom supplements.
No, it is not intended to replace drugs with McMyco’s supplements. The supplements can serve as a good addition to a healthy and varied diet.
The McMyco supplements are made from full-spectrum organic extract of 100% fruiting body. As excipients, magnesium citrate and silicon dioxide are used. The supplements are suitable for vegetarians.