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The ultimate guide

Microdosing is taking very small amounts of psychedelics on a regular basis. So little that you don’t notice the psychedelic effects, but it does stimulate your brain. Users report that microdosing can affect creativity, focus and confidence. Our McMicrodose truffles have been specially developed as a means for microdosing. And to get the most out of your “protocol”, our Brain Booster is the ideal supplement.

All about microdosing

The ultimate microdosing combination: McMicrodose & McMyco Brain Booster

We looked for a way to make microdosing as easy and effective as possible. We have more than succeeded in this quest. Our R&D team has developed not one but two products that together provide the ultimate microdosing combination.

McMicrodose truffles

Microdosing naturally starts with a good psychedelic product. There are several options for this, but they are all legal. Magic truffles are! These effective natural gems are packed with psilocybin. This substance is particularly well suited for microdosing. Together with McSmart (the Netherlands’ leading magic truffle producer) we have developed McMicrodose. McSmart truffles are loved worldwide for the effectiveness that users enjoy time and time again. You can therefore confidently build on McMicrodose truffles.

McMyco Brain Booster

You can effortlessly microdose with just McMicrodose. However, much more can be gained from the process when you boost your microdose experiment with some other valuable substances. The most popular additional substances are Lion’s Mane and Niacin. Both substances are an essential part of one of the most popular microdose protocols (so the schemes or strategies are called) today: Stamets Protocol, more about that below. McMyco Brain Booster has been specially developed as a brain formula that contains both Lion’s Mane and Niacin. The product is therefore not only a Brain Booster but also a Microdose Booster!.

The most popular microdosing protocols

There are many different theories about microdosing. Which schedule to follow is an important part of these theories that we mainly know as protocols. We recommend that you do a thorough research before you start microdosing. Our website is a good starting point. To help you on your way, we have collected the 3 most popular protocols of the moment.

The Fadiman Protocol (Once every 3 days)

The Fadiman Protocol is named after Dr. James Fadiman, who devised this protocol. If you are new to microdosing, this schedule is a good start. With this protocol you have to microdose once every 3 days. The theory behind this is to have 1 microdosing day, 1 transition day and 1 “normal” day on which you can reflect. Continue this cycle for about 4 to 8 weeks. Then do not use psychedelics for 2 to 4 weeks to reset.
Fadiman microdosing protocol

The every other day Protocol

The name may not be very original, but it is apt. If you go for this protocol, you have to microdose every other day. The frequency is higher than Fadiman’s. That is why we think it is less suitable for absolute beginners. However, the effectiveness is of course much higher. Continue this cycle for about 4 to 8 weeks. Then do not use psychedelics for 2 to 4 weeks to reset.
Om en om microdosing protocol

Stamets Stack

The Stamets Stack was created by one of the world’s most famous mycologists: Paul Stamets. He came up with the idea of building a “stack” of several substances. These substances are psilocybin (which you can obtain through magic truffles), niacin (vitamin B3) and the medicinal mushroom Lion’s Mane. Stamets discovered that these substances complement and reinforce each other in a great way. The schedule is built up with 4 days of microdosing and 3 days of rest. During the microdosing days, a user must ingest the entire stack of substances. During the rest days it is okay to continue taking Lion’s Mane and niacin. Planning to try Stamet’s Stack? Then our Brain Booster is perfectly suitable for ingesting the other substances. Both Lion’s Mane and Niacine are the two superstars of this supplement. A full cycle lasts 4 weeks. Then do not use psychedelics for 2 to 4 weeks to reset.
Stamets Stack Microdosing

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Caution: McMicrodose must be used responsibly. Only use it if you are in good mental and physical health. Do not use McMicrodose or other mind-altering drugs in the following cases; if you are pregnant, suffer from or have a predisposition to psychosis or other mental disorders, if you are depressed or if you have used drugs, medication or alcohol. McMicrodose is only for people 18 years of age and older.